Your mail, now with less frequency

I remember the days of 20-something cent stamps. Some of you can probably even remember before then. With stamp prices that have more than doubled since my childhood (unlike gas which has more than tripled, heh heh) the United States Postal Service is trying something new – saving money by delivering to you less. Blame Netflix and e-mail, if you want.

USPS will end Saturday delivery for first class mail this summer, Postmaster General Patrick Donahue stated earlier today. Package delivery, which has seen growth in recent years as online purchasing booms, will continue under the plan. Donahue, saying the plan will save $2 billion annually, called the decision an “important part of our strategy to return to financial stability.” He said the plan would allow for elimination of 22,500 jobs. Donahue said he hoped the job losses could be covered by attrition, buyouts and cutting back on overtime.

Last year, under pressure from Congress and local communities, the cash-strapped agency dropped plans to close thousands of post offices across the nation, instead deciding to trim operations at 13,000 offices. Saturday has the week’s lowest daily volume and and more than a third of U.S. businesses are closed Saturday, USPS reports. Most businesses and households surveyed in a national Gallup Poll indicated Saturday would be the least disruptive day to eliminate mail delivery.

Look for this big change to come in August — 6 months from now.

Don’t make a mistake…

It’s your privilege to vote, but don’t abuse it. =P

I’ll be honest; I voted for Hillary Clinton 4 years ago, who although winning California, lost to Barack Obama overall. While I may not fully support decisions or the methods Obama uses for achieving tasks, or the lack of progress he has made because he is not strong enough to fight those in the Senate who oppose him, I’m surely not stupid enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Just listen to the guy make speeches, we’ll bleed out of our ears in the next 4 years if we have to listen to him talk over and over.

Thankfully, I live in a state where it doesn’t matter for whom I vote for. I could swing my presidential vote in any direction and Obama will still win states like California and New York, and Romney, despite his faults, will still win states like Texas. Look at the above map, there are only a few states (the yellows, 7 or so) where voting for the President of the United States actually matters.

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