Seattle says ‘See Ya’ to T.O.

It appears his chances to catch the records of Randy Moss are completely gone now. “I’m no longer a Seahawk,” Terrell Owens wrote on Twitter. “I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.”

Owens had signed a one-year deal with Seattle on August 7th after a workout that had coaches and staff members raving about how good he looked for someone who had not played an NFL game in more than 18 months; but his preseason performance was notable for the catches he failed to make. T.O. dropped a potential 46-yard touchdown pass against Denver on a perfect throw. He did not catch any of the five balls thrown to him and had another glaring drop against Kansas City on Friday night.

Owens was trying to make a comeback after not playing since Week 15 of the 2010 season while with Cincinnati. He sat out the 2011 season after he had an operation on his left knee and did not receive any offers. Where he goes now is anyone’s guess. Back to an alternate football league? Canadian? Arena? United Football League?

What happens in Vegas…

We’re headed to Las Vegas / Henderson this week to celebrate my grandfather’s 91st birthday. I missed it last year for his 90th, since I had recently started working at Philips and taking time off would 1) look bad, and 2) be unpaid.

I started working the alternate swing shift at work, Sunday through Wednesday, so taking off Thursday-Saturday to Vegas means I use no vacation time. How perfect, right? My grandparents will meet Vanessa for the first time, since she didn’t come with us to Las Vegas last year for Christmas / New Year’s when Linda and I were married.

While we may not do much gambling (if any at all), we’ll hopefully find a few fun activities that would entertain a 5 year old, that don’t involve pornographic advertisements slapped into our unaware and open hands.

Let’s get it on!

So my blog blew up and the server administrators got angry. Grr smash! Hopefully I’ve appeased them enough and I’ll continue working on and monitoring the server loads and caching. ;)

Who’s ready for some football?!?

I’ve started some of the fantasy football leagues I am in, and drafting others in the next two weeks. Last year I took first place in my $50 and $20 leagues, walking away with about $300 total. Yeah!