To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?

That’s been sadly the big question since this weekend. Did Jennifer Lopez throw in a “nip slip” at the Oscar’s?

Apparently J-Lo couldn’t contain her laughter when she learned about the drama surrounding her maybe/maybe not nipple moment at the Oscars, according to her personal stylist, Rob Zangardi, who personally zipped Lopez into her Oscar’s dress and then helped her change into another low cut outfit after the show. 

Rob stated he and fellow stylist Mariel Haenn personally informed Lopez about the buzz surrounding her areola during the outfit change and Jennifer simply laughed it off. Rob says Lopez then assured the team she was so tightly packed into her dress, there was no possible way a nip could have slipped.

So what was the mysterious object that appeared on Jen’s chest? Rob’s convinced it was a shadow from the lighting. As am I.

What do you think? Nipplage showing, or just shadows from the overhead lights? Give a comment as your opinion!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)