A virtual ghost town, Google Plus is nearly empty

According to Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, Google+ has become a robust competitor in the social networking space, with 90 million users registering since its June launch. However that number is very misleading.

While I find Google+ to be somewhat easy (and at times, fun) to use, it feels very empty. Some of that is any lack of Twitter or other auto-posting integration. I can post to Facebook via text message (which Google Plus also allows now), web browser toolbar, or hundreds of third-party applications. My blog can auto-post to Facebook when I make new posts with API configuration. Google allows none of that. To seriously use Google+, you need to be on a web browser or in the G+ Application on your smartphone. Google doesn’t feed into other sources like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites do.  Continue reading “A virtual ghost town, Google Plus is nearly empty” A virtual ghost town, Goo…

To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?

That’s been sadly the big question since this weekend. Did Jennifer Lopez throw in a “nip slip” at the Oscar’s?

Apparently J-Lo couldn’t contain her laughter when she learned about the drama surrounding her maybe/maybe not nipple moment at the Oscars, according to her personal stylist, Rob Zangardi, who personally zipped Lopez into her Oscar’s dress and then helped her change into another low cut outfit after the show.  Continue reading “To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?” To Nip Slip, or not to Ni…

The fatigued merriment of home shopping

Linda and I have spent our past few weeks, or those without my step-daughter around, home “shopping”. Sort of like “window shopping” really, as we are going into old homes, new homes, etc, trying to get a feel of the current market.

What’s the difference between buying a 20-30 year-old house and a brand new (still being built for the most part) townhomes?

Continue reading “The fatigued merriment of home shopping” The fatigued merriment of…