Yes, my blog posts have been slacking lately

In fact, I haven’t even posted since the 49ers were defeated by the (SuperBowl champion) Giants in the NFC Championship game.

I have been, since December really, working on a new rendition of the site. I’m moving away from the iPhone-like theme and going more custom. Colors to match the wedding colors selected by Linda and me, along with simplicity and a faster loading speed; less visual images to slow down page loading. Stu should be happier.

Oh, and I enabled cool Facebook commenting for every post I make, whether you comment from my blog or Facebook, they’ll both be the same, using your Facebook login session that you already have running.

Vizio widens their television abilities

Congratulations on your widescreen TV purchase! But do you still hate the black border on the top & bottom of your TV screen? I sure do. Why by a 42 or 56 (or even larger!) inch television, to not be able to use all of it?

It seems Vizio has your answer. CineWide HD televisions give a theatre correcting 21:9 aspect ratio. It’s better than your standard 16:9 widescreen TV that you just purchased, and these babies come with 3D.

America’s top HD TV company is unleashing these bad boys in 58 and 71 inch models, so start getting rid of your living room furniture to make room! Continue reading “Vizio widens their television abilities” Vizio widens their televi…