Vizio + Google TV, built right in

Vizio looks to start where Logitech dropped off. The Google TV box sets weren’t exactly popular, for a number of reasons, largely including the fact Google had a hard time getting media companies to feed TV shows, movies, etc through.

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company announced the VIZIO VAP430 Stream Player. The new box doesn’t just stream any old web content. It actually adds the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus (V.I.A. Plus) smart TV platform and Google TV into the mix. That basically means that users can tap into a hoard of movies, songs, photos and more, as well as a Chrome browser. It also allows users to stream photos, music and video from any networked computer, hard drive or smartphone, as well as from cloud services. If you’re needing even more entertainment options, the box can tap into the Android Market. 

The VAP430 box easily connects to any HDTV via an HDMI cable, and has built-in Wi-Fi. Then, use the included Bluetooth remote, which includes a QWERTY keypad and integrated touchpad, to navigate through all of those new features. “We’re excited about what Google TV brings to our new VAP430 Stream Player,” says Matthew McRae, VIZIO’s Chief Technology Officer. “This isn’t just an ordinary streaming box that accesses a few predetermined video services. It’s a true entertainment portal that opens up everything the Web has to offer, as well as all the content consumers already have stored on computers and hard drives. And the incorporation of Google TV and our V.I.A. Plus interface makes it all incredibly easy to setup and a joy to use.”

VIZIO plans to launch the VAP430 box in spring 2012. Later in the year, they will also add those same features into the VBR430 3D Blu-ray player. Also at CES, LG announced that it will be incorporating Google TV into some of its 3D LCD TVs, and Sony unveiled a new Google TV Blu-ray player.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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