Milk, the ultimate sports beverage

Winning the Super Bowl and meeting the president isn’t enough. Now you need a milk moustache! Hey, it’s my favorite drink (with orange juice a close runner-up) so I fully support these ads.

“How many of you have seen the ‘Got milk?’ ads with Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings?” Angie Edge of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board asked a roomful of elementary school students, invoking the names of two Green Bay Packers stars. Hands shot up.

In Wisconsin, the nation’s top cheese producer, with more dairy cows per square mile than any other state, it’s hard to miss the message that milk does a body good. Especially if you’re a child. That’s because the nonprofit milk board, funded by dairy farmers, spends about $950,000 a year on talks, concerts, posters and a website promoting dairy’s health benefits to school children.

The milk board touts chocolate milk as a natural sports drink for children and teenagers. “Muscles fueled with chocolate milk are muscles fueled with nutritious energy,” states a brochure for parents.

According to the board’s most recent annual report, during the 2009-10 school year, it sent 90 percent of Wisconsin schools promotional materials such as a stand-up poster of Jennings, the Green Bay Packers wide receiver, holding a glass of chocolate milk, and planned to give six high schools chocolate milk for the 2010 football season.

The group reinforces the messages during school visits. “Have you heard the research that chocolate milk is the ultimate sports beverage?” Edge asked students.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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