Top NFL players week 5

We’re about a third of the way through the season already – wow! There’s plenty of surprising teams out there, not least of which are my San Francisco 49ers who are two games up in the NFC West. Their next big test will be against the Detroit Lions next week who are making big waves themselves at 5-0, tied with the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers in the NFL, as well as being in the same division.

This week’s view of top players has a few of your weekly guys that you can count on to gather you tons of fantasy points week after week, as well as some new additions to the list. Cam Newton continues to shine, but I still haven’t started him in any week, due to the fact I typically have Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers as well on my roster, who are solid & proven starters. The Minnesota Vikings toppled the Arizona Cardinals, so Adrian Peterson certainly played hard, and the unlikely Kansas City Chiefs beat out the hapless Indianapolis Colts, who may never be with Peyton Manning again.

Without further ado… 

  1. Ben Roethlisberger & Matt Cassel share the top spot this week with 27 fantasy points each.
    Big Ben – I dislike the guy, and was happy when he got hurt again, only to have him lash out against the Titans with 5 outstanding touchdowns, only 228 yards with an interception, but enough to take the top spot. He’s the 14th overall QB this season.
    Matt Cassel – Is he finally starter-worthy? He’s the 21st ranked quarterback, which says “no”, but his 257 yards and 4 touchdowns say “yes”. Dwayne Bowe certainly benefited, as I’ll post later.
  2.  Aaron Rodgers – Come from behind win galore, he passed to 12 different receivers, on his way to 396 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no give aways. Thanks for being the #1 QB and giving your owners 23 points.
  3. Cam Newton – What can I say, this guy is dangerous. His team, however.. at least they’ll have an early draft pick next year, and can draft some more weapons and defense. Newton went for 224 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception, and ran one in as well; another ability which makes him so potent. He’s the #2 ranked at the quarterback position.
  4. Michael Vick – He can’t lead his Eagles team to a victory, but he sure can help his fantasy owners win some games. However, throwing 4 interceptions will guarantee your loss, but the 315 yards and 2 touchdowns on the way to 21 fantasy football points sure helps.

  1. Adrian Peterson – All Day, and all night too. Peterson scored 3 touchdowns in the first quarter in Arizona, and the remaining 45 minutes was kind of a moot story at that point. An outstanding 29 rushes for 122 yards, 30 fantasy points, and he’s now the #3 overall RB. Don’t worry, it only gets better now that the Vikings have their first win of the season.
  2. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Whenever a running back gains over 25 carries, you know he’s had a fantastic day. The Law Firm BJGE had 27 of them, 136 yards and 2 touchdowns for 26 fantasy points, landing him just outside the top-10, with the 11th ranked RB this season.
  3. Fred Jackson – I gave him the first start on my roster this week, as I’ve had him benched all season long for other running backs. I couldn’t trust the timeshare with CJ Spiller, but after his 26 carry, 111 yard, running touchdown day, he’s on my starting lineup to stay. He’s the #1 overall running back this season.
  4. Jahvid Best – I was on a plane last night from Chicago to San Francisco, cringing as the Bears gave up sack after sack from the Lions from defensive lineman. And since Detroit was ahead all game, they ran the ball. And very well. Best had the second highest run in Lions history with the 88-yard touchdown, and had the Bears give up the second longest run in their history. Jahvid carried only 12 times but gathered a career-high 163 yards and that score, for 22 fantasy points. He’s now ranked 9th overall.
  5. Frank Gore & DeAngelo Williams & Arian Foster – some big games for all 3 of them who have been rather lackluster so far this season. They each had 17 fantasy points to add to their owners teams.
    Gore helped the 49ers beat the Buccaneers win by 45 points, getting 20 rushes for 125 yards and a score. No more Kendall Hunter / Anthony Dixon rumors.
    DAW ran his first great game all year, and we saw why he received a ludicrous  5-year contract renewal this past offseason. He had just 9 carries but took them for 115 yards and a touchdown.
    Arian Foster is finally showing what he did last year on a more consistent basis, with 22 carries for 68 yards, but also added 5 catches for 116 yards. Ben Tate who?

  1. Dwayne Bowe & Pierre Garcon – Both players nabbed 24 points for their owners, finally showing back to back solid weeks. Their teams played each other, so the gun show was certainly there.
    I lost one of my money leagues this week because of Bowe. Thanks, a ton. Somewhere, over Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs found themselves a comeback victory and Dwayne had 7 catches for 128 yards and 2 touchdowns, landing Bowe the 6th spot. Stupid Cassel…
    I liked Pierre Garcon before Pierre Garcon was popular. He even has the weird symbol in his last name which I cannot easily replicate, partly because I’m too lazy. Either way, he had 5 catches for 125 yards and two touchdowns, making him the 7th best WR this year.
  2. James Jones & Victor Cruz – Both unlikely players gave their owners 20 points. Likely from the bench or free agency. Waiver wire pickups this week, possibly?
    I didn’t expect Mr Fumbles, James Jones, to ever show up on a top-5 list that far down the pecking order. However Aaron Rodgers loves to spread the ball around, so Jones will have weeks like this from time to time. He caught 5 passes for 140 yards and a touchdown, and is the 36th overall WR.
    Victor Cruz does it again for Eli Manning, and should really be picked up in all fantasy formats, even if to just sit on your bench. He caught 8 passes for 161 yards and a score, and is the 11th top WR.
  3. Calvin Johnson & Doug Baldwin – A top receiver and a no-name gave their owners 19 big ones this weekend.
    Megatron does what he does, even when the Detroit Lion running game is that hot. Johnson had 5 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown, and is knocked to the 2nd top WR.
    Doug Baldwin? Watch that free agency list. He had 8 catches for 136 yards and a score, and is up to the 21st top WR in the league.
See you next week! Good luck out there.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)