Top NFL players – week 4

The weeks keep surprising many fans an analysts — we figured the Packers might be 4-0, but for the Lions to also be 4-0? For the 49ers to be 3-1 defeating Michael Vick and the Eagles who are 1-3? We are also seeing some of the highest quarterback weekly point totals in history, and some of those top 5 guys from week to week are ones we believed shouldn’t even be a starter in the NFL.

But here we go, after 4 weeks of NFL; last week’s top players, and how they are doing thus far: 

  1. Aaron Rodgers – What do you do to stop the Superbowl winner who ran in two of his own touchdowns, and threw 4 others? On his way to 408 yards with only one interception, Rodgers leads the NFL in fantasy football points, this week with 45.
  2. Cam Newton – He did it again, yet the Panthers are still a losing team. Cam went for 374 yards and a passing touchdown, but also threw an interception and lost a fumble. He still gained 31 fantasy points, and is the #3 overall QB this year so far.
  3. Michael Vick – Yet another crafty running quarterback, Vick threw for 416 yards against my 49ers, yet still lost the game. He sent in two touchdowns, but also lost one to Carlos Rodgers, making Vick the 6th overall QB.
  4. Josh Freeman – Speed and speed again, the Bucs came out last night to defeat the Colts in the end. Freeman threw only one touchdown off of 287 yards for 23 fantasy points, and is the #11 overall QB so far.
  5. Tavaris Jackson – Yikes! All 5 QBs this week are runners. Jackson finally came out to show that he still has skills, with 319 yards and 3 touchdowns, yet coughing up 2 picks. He gives owners who keep him on the bench 22 fantasy points, and is 21st overall QB — likely available in free agency!

  1. Beanie Wells – Rushing 27 times for 138 yards and the week’s high of 3 touchdowns, Chris Wells is your unexpected rushing leader for the week. He ranks 7th overall among RBs.
  2. Matt Forte – Here again, Forte is the year’s #4 overall running back, racking up 205 big ones with a touchdown on 25 rushing attempts. I guess they’ve given up on Jay Cutler. Forte gained 28 fantasy points for his owners, like me!
  3. Arian Foster – Returning to his true form, Foster nabbed 30 carries from Ben Tate, gaining 155 yards and a score for 22 fantasy points, and now ranks #33 overall after his weeks of injuries.
  4. Michael Turner – The Falcons gained a win this weekend with Turner rushing 26 times for only 70 yards but two touchdowns, on his way to 20 fantasy points. He ranks 9th among RBs.
  5. Frank Gore & Ryan Torain & LaGarrette Blount – This week’s 5th place goes into a 3-way tie with 19 fantasy football points, meaning I’m really posting about 7 running backs today. Ugh! =P
    Gore didn’t start the game, but he did shine in the 49ers comeback win, with 15 carries for 127 yards and a touchdown, ranking 19th this year.
    Torain ran well for his team, 19 carried for 135 yards and a score, making him someone to look out for, 41st overall RB.
    Blount finally manages to show his worth from last season, 25 carries for 127 yards and a touchdown, making him the 11th overall RB.

  1. Pierre Garcon – An unlikely Colts receiver tops the list, with surprises for three reasons. First, he’s on the Colts, or rather he’s on a Peyton Manning -less team. Second, he’s not the top receiver of the team. He’s not the second guy, either. He’s the 3rd place WR, and 4th place in overall depth for receiving the football.  But lastly, and here’s where importance is key, Garcon only caught two balls last night. However, both of those were touchdowns, and went for a combined 146 total yards. Sleeper alert? Damn right! He racked up 26 points for people who have him on the bench, and is the 19th overall wide receiver this year.
  2. Hakeem Nicks – More exciting NY Giants play, Nicks caught 10 passes for 162 yards and a touchdown, giving his owners 22 fantasy points. Hakeem is the 12th overall WR.
  3. Wes Welker & Calvin Johnson – A tie from two of the top receivers in the NFL, giving 21 fantasy points to their owners.
    Little guys surprise me in the NFL, especially when they can go for 162 yards on 9 passes from Tom Bieber Brady. Wes is this year’s top wide receiver.
    Megatron had 8 receptions for 96 yards and two touchdowns, and is the 2nd place receiver of the year.
  4. Steve Smith – Cam Newton’s favorite target strikes again, 8 receptions for 181 yards (top of the week!) but no touchdowns; Smith ranks 3rd overall with 18 points over the weekend.

I’d also like to make a shout out to Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. This tight end caught 10 passes from Drew Brees for 132 yards and a touchdown, giving owners like me 19 fantasy points, and he’s the 2nd overall at his position.

Come back next week!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)