Brett Favre putting down the talent of Aaron Rodgers?

In a weekend interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, Brett Favre said Aaron Rodgers “fell into a good situation” in Green Bay.  Was it an insult?

And I’d like to think that he watched, he learned, and then when he got a chance to play, he brought in his ability which is obviously very good or they wouldn’t have drafted him in the first round. He’s got tremendous talent, he’s very bright and he got a chance to watch and see successful teams do it right. And so he just kind of fell into a good situation. On top of that, he’s a good player.

I don’t think there’s any pressure on him now, the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long. In the early part of last year, it hadn’t quite clicked yet and I didn’t know it would. I just kind of figured when they hit their stride, they’re going to be hard to beat. And that’s what happened.

Favre seems to sound as if Rodgers’ talent was a secondary factor in his success with the Packers, and that the real reason is that he was lucky enough to fall into the right situation in Green Bay.   On the other hand, Favre is known for long, meandering answers in interviews, so that may have just been a stream-of-consciousness observation that had no bad intention attached to it. Knowing ‘ole Brett, we know pretty much anything can just come out of his mouth at any time.



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