Top NFL players – week 2

As much as I hate him, it looks like Tom Brady has done it again with the top quarterback performance of the week. Wes Welker and those new tight ends on the Patriots sure must be happy. Chad Ochocinco? Uhh, sure. Maybe he’ll make the playoffs.

This week’s top performances keeps the surprises rolling in, with some unexpected QB appearances and a couple of wide receivers whom I’ve never even heard of.

Let’s start this off with the top QBs of week 2: 

  1. Tom Brady –  leading the charge again with 423 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions. That gives him a 7:1 ratio. Fantasy’s best with 28 QB fantasy points for those lucky teams. Next week he’s in Buffalo, and I can only imagine the carnage which will be laid upon those hapless Bills.
  2. Cam Newton – again? Sure, he sprained his ankle or some such and is in a walking boot this week, and let’s discount the worst team in the NFL last year is 0-2 to start 2011. But gathering 26 points against my Green Bay Packers is very impressive. Sure, he threw 3 interceptions, but still nailed 432 career-high passing yards and a touchdown through the air. Plus, 53 yards and a touchdown on the ground for this mobile rookie.
  3. Matthew Stafford – is it about time he showed up? You can only have Megatron Calvin Johnson on your team for so long until you one week throw up huge numbers. Hosting the Chiefs he threw for 294 yards with 4 touchdowns and only one interception. Fantasy points racking of 25.
  4. Jason Campbell – surprise alert! The Raiders? Oh yeah! Visiting Buffalo Campbell threw for 323 yards, with 2 touchdowns and 1 pick, to gather 24 fantasy points. Remember what I said about Tom Brady going to Buffalo next week? Yeah…
  5. Drew Brees & Ryan Fitzpatrick – another tie for the 5th best QB of the week, with 22 points. Brees racked up 271 yards and 3 touchdowns against a touch Chicago Bears team, while Fitzpatrick hosted the Oakland Raiders and landed 264 yards, 3 touchdowns and a pick. Fitz is surprising me this year, for sure.

  1. Adrian Peterson – he sure showed up this week, landing me and everyone else that are lucky enough to have him a whopping 26 fantasy points. He carried the ball 25 times for a nice 120 yards and 2 touchdowns, while adding 21 yards receiving.
  2. Fred Jackson – I left him on the bench this week, and lost because of it. Ah well, 1-1 such is life. It’s hard to tell if he’s going to get the large bulk of work over CJ Spiller, but I’ll be more trusting of him in the coming weeks as he flashed 117 yards and 2 scores, with 23 yards in the passing game. Jackson’s 25 points on Sunday makes him the 4th best runner this season.
  3. Darren McFadden – RunDMC finally starts a season off with a strong showing. I’ve been waiting for this for a third season now, and keeping him around has finally paid off.  He only rushed 72 yards on 20 attempts with a touchdown, but added another 71 yards and a touchdown from Jason Campbell. His 24 points this week helps him be the 3rd best RB in the game.
  4. LeSean McCoy – two Irish-African-American runningbacks in a row? Shady ran for 95 yards and 2 touchdowns, making him the best overall running back of the year after 2 games. 23 of his 48 fantasy points came from Sunday in Atlanta.
  5. Jahvid Best – go Motor City! The Lions pair up this week, with their running back making the list with 23 fantasy points, on 57 yards for a touchdown running, with 66 yards and a score in the passing game.

  1. Miles Austin – I can give Austin mad respect for the game he put on, and still strongly dislike him at the same time, for utterly destroying my 49ers. I am still in awe of the 143 yards and 3 touchdown passes he shoved in San Francisco’s face. Those 32 fantasy points put him on the top of the wide receiver chart, but he’ll be out a few weeks on a hamstring injury suffered by the end of the game. Maybe he should have kept dating Kim Kardashian.
  2. Vincent Jackson – VJ sure showed up to play this year, and in New England he caught 10 passes for 172 yards and a pair of touchdowns, giving his owners 29 fantastic points – another reason I lost my money league this week. Thanks, Vincent.
  3. Jeremy Maclin – I’m always apprehensive about putting the second-place wide receiver of a team in my starting lineup, especially when it’s DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Michael Vick who will do more of the work. However 13 catches for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns means I’ll be putting Maclin in the game more, what with his 29 fantasy points for the week. No more bench time!
  4. Denarius Moore – who? Yeah. On the Raiders no less. But whoever this rookie from Tennessee is, having Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy out with injury sure helped him. He only had 5 catches, but he went for 146 yards and a touchdown with 22 fantasy points. This is someone to look at in those deeper 12+ man leagues.
  5. Eric Decker – well, I guess when you have Tim Tebow lining up as a receiver, you really have no other options. Decker had 5 catches for 113 of Kyle Orton’s 195 yards and 2 touchdowns, granting him 21 points. Brand Lloyd should be back next week, as well as Knowshon Moreno.
See ya next week!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)