The kiss that ended the fight, with a dirty cheating move

I’m really not big into boxing, but my buddy Kyle invited friends over to his place on Saturday night to watch the $70 pay-per-view fight.

The fights looked evenly matches in the first 3 rounds, with the veteran Mayweather holding a slight edge in his attempt to grasp his 41st straight win. Then the 4th round came, Victor Ortiz was pummeling Mayweather. It was looking bad, as Mayweather, known for his top-notch defense, could only hold up his gloves to save his life. And then it happened… 

Victor Ortiz had Floyd Mayweather backed into a corner. He was getting close and close, punches flying to the fact, blocked by Mayweather’s feeble attempt of surviving. Just inches away, face to face, Ortiz jumps launches his head into Mayweather’s face. A head-butt that gathered boos from the crowd. Dirty, dirty move.

The referee calls for a time out toward the end of the 4th round. Ortiz apologizes relentlessly, even going up to give Mayweather a hug. And then it happened. Ortiz kissed Mayweather on the cheek as an “I’m sorry for cheating” apology. Ortiz stepped back, and turned his attention to the ref who was stating the rules at the time. Mayweather takes this opportunity, clocks Ortiz on the face, followed by a hook that landed Ortiz on the ground, barely conscious. Fight over.

It took me awhile to find a Youtube video, but here we go:

And here’s the after-the-fight chat:

What do you think? Dirty move by Mayweather, or justified knockout?

Mayweather versus Ortiz - dirty KO or not?

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Author: Jason Zajdel

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