The art of returning kicks in the NFL – part 2

Safety matters, right? And that was the idea of starting kickoffs from the 35-yard line instead of from the 30, to help force teams to down the ball in the endzone for the touchback, starting off the drive from the 20.

Given the added 5 yards, we saw a record-setting number of touchbacks in just the first game of the 2011 NFL season, when the New Orleans Saints visited the Green Bay Packers. However, these young players that return kicks and punts always have something to prove. Their speed, for one, and here is the reason: 

Randall Cobb, 2nd round draft choice wide receiver, record tieing 108-yard kickoff return touchdown. Notice that John Kuhn (#30, fullback) basically keeps this return alive, by keeping Cobbs on his feet.

Ted Ginn, San Francisco 49er wide receiver that was acquired by the Miami Dolphins several seasons ago. The guy has speed for sure, but really shaky catching ability. However, that’s not really needed when you’re fielding a kick.

Give it up for Earl Thomas though, who was hot on Ginn’s tail.

Poor Seattle Seahawks. Two returns in 2 days of football? Nice. And since we’re on the topic, here’s another Ted Ginn return from yesterday. A punt, this time.

And since we’re on the topic of punt returns, let’s roll back to that first game, Packers vs Saints, with Darren Sproles, acquired from the San Diego Chargers.

Hopefully we see a lot more exciting special teams action with kick & punt returns this season. I’ve done this consistently on my Madden NFL game.

Want some more Ted Ginn? Let’s roll back to his college days.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)