Two days before the season start, the Jaguars cut David Garrard

In what I believe a rather surprising call, especially this late (after the preseason, less than a week before the regular season), the Jaguars have cut their starting quarterback, David Garrard. He has led the Jags to a 39-37 record in his career, and that’s with a division boasting Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub.

The NFL season starts in two days, which means this hardly seems a well thought-out decision and does not say much about the organization and its respect for a veteran player that has started 76 games since 2002, won the only playoff game in franchise history and has a 39-37 win-loss record.  But hey, Jacksonville need to sell tickets, right?   And what better way to do that then with Luke McCown at the helm! Remember the Josh McCown that the 49ers just cut? Yeah, they’re brothers.

With 2 rookie quarterbacks behind Alex Smith, shouldn’t San Francisco go after David Garrard as a veteran presence, and someone who, actually, has a better career? While Garrad has not lit up the stat board in his nine-year career, he has been consistent, with 61 percent completion, 89 touch downs, 54 interceptions, 85.8 percent passer rating, 1,746 rushing yards and 17 rushing TDs over his career. Considering he bested his entire career averages last year, posting a QB rating of 90.8, you have the best quarterback in the NFC West since Matt Hasselbeck posted similar numbers for one year back in 2005—not to mention the best QB San Francisco has seen since Jeff Garcia left in 2003.

Looking at the Seattle Seahawks with Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, and.. well, anyone else who wants to go out and throw the football, the 49ers should take Garrard away from free agency, just so their rivals don’t pick him up.

So, Coach Harbaugh, what say you?

Author: Jason Zajdel

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