Top 5 Fantasy Football QBs to draft right now

Last week I made a post on the top 5 quarterbacks I wouldn’t want to draft, either because you’re going to draft them earlier than they are worth, or because they are too unstable or have competition fighting for their job.

Over my last 3 seasons of Fantasy Football, I have had Drew Brees (2008, top QB, and 2009 Superbowl winner) and Aaron Rodgers (2009/2010, #2 QB and Superbowl win in 2010). Now that both players are first or second round pickups, and I find value that is similar in other players beyond those rounds, here’s where I am ranking my pickups. 

Matt Ryan

When the Atlanta Falcons moved up in the draft this year to the #7 spot, and grabbed a rookie wide receiver to run with Roddy White and Anthony Gonzalez, they made a statement: we are going all the way this year. In the past, the Falcons have been a run-first team behind Michael Turner; however with Turner’s injury problems and elite receivers with a 3rd year QB, that’s going to change.

The Falcons are already atop the NFC-South with my New Orleans Saints, and this year I am predicting a Superbowl in their future. Of course I said the same about the Dallas Cowboys last season, and look how that turned out…

You’re going to be able to grab Matt Ryan in the 7th or 8th round and that is one of the best values you will see all year. Draft him in your 6th round if you like, because this guy is going to be a top-10 QB this year, and will be drafted inside of the first 20 picks next year.

Tony Romo

He not only dates hot women, but he leads “America’s Team” down in Dallas. Discount the fact that a collarbone injury ended his season substantially early. This guy has Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten to throw the pigskin to, and Dallas has always had an above average running game to back them up with.

Romo has a high completion percentage and can easily throw for 4,000 yards this season. He has a loaded Cowboys offense, and despite throwing too many interceptions, he still has the touchdowns to make him worthwhile as your starter.

You’re going to grab Tony Romo (ranked 6th among quarterbacks for this year) early on in your 5th round of your fantasy draft, and someone that late, who can easily be considered a 3rd or 4th round guy, is a super bargain in your draft. Load up your first 3-4 rounds with running backs and wide receivers, then aim for Romo.

Philip Rivers

Voted the top “cuter with his helmet still on” quarterback in the NFL, Philip Rivers doesn’t let you down in the stat column. He threw for over 4700 yards and 30 touchdowns last year, and yet is still just the 6th best quarterback of the year.

While he’s going to go towards the end of your 3rd round or, if lucky, into your fourth round, I wouldn’t wait that long. Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates are just two of the reasons why. With great coaching and an even better playbook, Rivers has the makings to be a top 3 QB in the NFL this  year. But will it happen for the Chargers? Hopefully the Kansas City Chiefs don’t take the division again, and Rivers is allotted the fame he deserves.

Matt Schaub

Two words: Andre Johnson. Who is the best sidekick to one of the greatest receivers in the current NFL lineup? That’s right, his quarterback. Add in Owen Daniels for good measure.

Schaub sort of slumped last year. Why? Well because Arian Foster stole the show of the entire running backs of the NFL. No one predicted Steve Slaton’s backup would have an all-out Chris Johnson type crazy year, and the passing game in Houston suffered a little bit. But rest assured, teams will be stacking the box and planning to drop down that run game. As such, look for the pass to be wide open, and the Schaub-to-Johnson hookup to continue.

Matt Schaub will be found in the middle of your 5th round of fantasy draft, and if you need a QB in your 4th-5th round, my vote is to go with this guy. He’s ranked 8th among all QBs this year going into the season.

Joe Flacco

I’m “wacco” for Joe Flacco, but that’s because you can find a great starting QB in the 9th round of your draft.

His arm is superior to most other quarterbacks in the league, and with an awesome ground game in Ray Rice, and the likes of Anquan Boldin among others out catching the ball, Joe Flacco is a solid backup, or a last-ditch effort starter for your team. Look past the unibrow, and you’ll find value towards the end of your draft when you decide to load up on the other positions of your fantasy team.

There are only 2 quarterbacks I draft as my backup/bench QB every year: Eli Manning is one of them, and Joe Flacco is the other.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)