Wilfork adds Haynesworth for Double Trouble

In another big, yet unsurprising move, the Washington Redskins have traded disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots. Hopefully he can get back to his AFC glory days of the Titans.  In return, the Redskins will be compensated with a 2013 fifth round pick.

The Patriots are expected to pick up Haynesworth’s $5 million contract without any restructuring. This move will put Haynesworth next to Pro Bowler Vince Wilfork on New England’s defensive line.

The Patriots are getting famous for picking up another team’s problem and attempting to turn it into their treasure. Randy Moss may have left on awful terms, but he set an NFL record, went to the Super Bowl, and still traded him and a seventh round pick, for a third rounder in exchange. That’s getting some bang for your buck and mostly everyone expects the Patriots to repeat that story with Haynesworth.  Continue reading “Wilfork adds Haynesworth for Double Trouble” Wilfork adds Haynesworth …

Bush runs his way to Miami

Before I go on with this post, I am going to mention that I have a mostly brand new black #25 Bush Saints football jersey. Reebok On-Field Equipment! Grab it now at a nice discount! =P

The New Orleans Saints traded former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins. Am I surprised? Not entirely. The wildcat offense that Miami runs will work out well with Bush’s talent skill set.

The deal was contingent upon Bush’s agent Joel Segal working out a new contract with the Dolphins, which was finalized Thursday morning as the RB/punt returner settled on a two-year contract. It is unclear what the Saints are receiving in return. New Orleans had no intention of keeping Bush this season under the terms of his current contract — an $11.8 million base salary and a cap figure of $16 million.  Continue reading “Bush runs his way to Miami” Bush runs his way to Miam…

One Big Bat becomes a Giant

World Series repeat? All signs point to YES!

Carlos Beltran is officially a member of the San Francisco Giants. The Mets completed their trade of Beltran this morning, after the star outfielder agreed to waive his no-trade clause. The move clears the way for the team to acquire prized pitching prospect Zack Wheeler.

The teams agreed on the deal Wednesday, and Beltran left the Mets to join the Giants in Philadelphia Wednesday evening. But as per Beltran’s 10-and-5 status (10 years of major-league service; five years with the same team), he had to wait 24 hours before formally approving it.

It is rare for a team to acquire an elite prospect for a two-month rental such as Beltran, who will be a free agent this winter. The Mets’ leverage in the deal was further weakened by the fact that under the terms of his contract, Beltran cannot be offered arbitration at season’s end, meaning the Giants cannot receive compensatory draft picks if he leaves as a free agent.

But the Giants badly needed a bat to bolster their offense. And coming off a championship in 2010, the opportunity to boost chances for a repeat in 2011 was too good to pass up. “We feel like we have a window right now to win another championship,” Giants president Larry Baer said in an interview Thursday morning. “What it came down to for us was, do we have enough other pitching that will be here around the time Zack will be ready to pitch in the majors? And we felt like the answer is yes.”