Welcome to the new Santa Clara Raiders stadium!

Wait. What?

That’s right. The new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara next to Great America may be shared with the Oakland Raiders. I’ve posted about the new stadium back in April and June of last year – but it appears that since both teams need a new stadium, Santa Clara may house both teams. The New York Jets and Giants do it, so why not here in the bay area? These teams are used to sharing the field with the A’s and San Francisco  Giants anyhow, right?

“We’ve put our teams together,” 49ers Chief Executive Jed York said late Monday at an event for NFL fans in Los Angeles. “It doesn’t mean we’re going to find the right deal that fits for both teams, but we’re certainly going to get a look at those options.”

The Raiders appear amenable to a partnership. “We have said repeatedly that we have an open mind with respect to our stadium solution,” said Raiders chief executive Amy Trask, also on hand for the “NFL 101” event, held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. “An open mind means an open mind as to sharing a facility with the 49ers. I say to Jed regularly that we should have not only an open mind to the sharing of the facility, but to the location of the facility which we might share. And so there are a lot of options for us to consider.”  Continue reading “Welcome to the new Santa Clara Raiders stadium!” Welcome to the new Santa …