Netflix will soon charge customers 60% more for its service

I cannot find a better reason to cancel my Netflix plan and to go with Hulu Plus for a change.

Announced this week, my plan will go from $10 to $16. While you may scoff at the $6/month ($72/year) difference, you need to realize that it’s a 60% increase. If gas rose that high per gallon that quickly, you’d be outraged.

Netflix will no longer offer a $9.99 package of DVD-by-mail and unlimited streaming, the company said in a statement today. Instead, more than 23 million subscribers will pay $15.98 monthly beginning September 1st if they choose both options, or $7.99 for just one.

The company introduced a DVD-only plan for $7.99 on July 8 for new subscribers and extended that to current customers to reflect the costs of acquiring and delivering content digitally and by mail, Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, said in an interview. Many customers want the option of streaming-only or DVD-only packages, he said. “We wouldn’t have charged this when the streaming catalog was still lean,” Swasey said. “The streaming catalog is robust to the point where a lot of people won’t want DVDs anymore.”  Continue reading “Netflix will soon charge customers 60% more for its service” Netflix will soon charge …