Favre Frenzy is on!

Will Brett Favre play a 21st season in the NFL? Will he renounce his retirement yet again? Which team will he play for?

No, Brett Favre hasn’t announced a comeback bid. His retirement papers are still filed and documented. Heck, he hasn’t said a single word about any potential interest in returning, and realistically, he probably won’t. However, thanks to NFL.com’s Gil Brandt, the speculation has begun again and a 2011 Favre Watch has been fueled. However, let’s just pretend here for a moment, shall we, and take a look at potential landing spots if Brett does in fact return. With the current NFL Lockout pushing things back and creating a major disadvantage for rookie quarterbacks, it only makes sense for Favre speculation to be making waves. Here are some teams that would be smart to at least consider adding a veteran quarterback:  Continue reading “Favre Frenzy is on!” Favre Frenzy is on!