Get your games from Redbox!

Gamers can now rent video games locally at all hours of the day and night.

Redbox, the stand-alone kiosks at local retailers most known for their dollar-a-night movie rentals, now offer video games. Games cost $2 a day and can be reserved online for easy pickup at the nearest Redbox location.

Top new releases are available for rental, along with popular family and children’s games. A complete list of available titles is available online, available for PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Each of the company’s kiosks will carry anywhere from 22 to 28 different gaming titles, but there’s no indication as to how often the selection of games will shift around.

Redbox officials said the company began testing video game rentals at 5,000 locations across the country in August 2009. During that time, officials said, more than 1 million games were rented, proving that the customer demand was there as nearly 64 percent of Americans own at least one gaming console. “With more than 21,000 Redbox locations slated to feature video game rentals alongside movies this June, Redbox will be the one-stop shop for entertainment,” company President Mitch Lowe said in a written statement.

Buying any game is a gamble. You can use reviews and recommendations to make more intelligent purchasing decisions, but ultimately, you might spend $60 and hate the game, or you might spend $60 and love the game so much that you basically complete it in a weekend. Either way, you are basically out the $60. However using the $2/day method and their limit of 25 days unreturned, you end up saving $10 on your games. After those 3-and-a-half weeks, you get to keep the rental game, after which time Redbox will dispatch the software disc’s accompanying box and instruction manual.