Vizio adds Netflix and Vudu buttons to their remotes

I have not had cable/satellite television at home for about a year now; Linda doesn’t subscribe, either. But why would anyone need to, with multiple sources of television and movies that stream from the internet? Live sports? Perhaps. But there are other ways to obtain that, as well…

Linda says that I’m not allowed to get a Vizio TV to match my future Vizio VIA cell phone. We’ll see about that, though! It’s already beneficial to load up a movie from Netflix streaming and to entertain her three-year-old. I’ll keep you tuned in as to who wins this fight. =P

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And so our story begins…

So, yeah. I’ve been “missing” for a few weeks now. What in the hell have I been up to? Great question!

As many of you know, I’ve been working full time, going to school 4 nights a week, and then cramming in other activities to fill in what little free time I have remaining. I took off my Thursday night class (microeconomic theory) to go to my first concert in a long time; Christina Perri + James Blunt at the Warfield in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to meet Christina and have a CD autographed by her!

I finished up my classes last week – two weeks after moving to a new company, where my growth opportunities are just about endless. I’m doing more or less the same thing that I have been doing for nearly three years now, except at a very prestigious company, and for substantially better pay. I’ve learned a ton about the industry in my training classes that I never had the opportunity to learn before. I had my business class (Tuesday nights) grade posted over the weekend — squeezing in my ‘A’ with a 90-point-something percent in the class (with a ‘B’ on the final). there’s a possibility that i end up with 3/3 ‘A’s, but who knows. I’m aiming for ‘B’ grades, and the ‘A’s are all accidental, I assure you.

Linda and I moved the majority of my large furniture, including computer, TV entertainment system, etc this weekend. Suffice to say, I’m a wee bit tired today from heavy lifting, stairs, etc; but it’s all worth it in the end. ;)

I’ll be trying to squeeze in my normal internet-friendly self in the next week or two, now that my days are no longer 17 hours long, and I’m not skipping between beds/homes. I’ll be fixing up my bathroom (new shower, toilet, flooring, etc) in the next month and hope to be renting my condo out by July. We shall see.

..aanndd out!

Bull smash Heat 103-82 and take game 1

Derrick Rose scored 28 points, Luol Deng contained LeBron James and the Chicago Bulls struck first in the Eastern Conference finals, pulling away to beat the Miami Heat 103-82 in Game 1 on Sunday night.

The Bulls are off to a good start in this series after sweeping the Heat during the regular season. They went on a 10-0 run midway through the third quarter, then pulled away in the fourth. As the final minutes ticked away, fans could not contain themselves, chanting “Over-rated!” and “Beat the Heat!” Game 2 is Wednesday night in Chicago, and they’ll certainly take another performance like this.

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