When it’s time, it’s time

Unhappy at your job but not sure if it’s the right time to leave? You’re not alone.

A recent survey commissioned by talent management firm Plateau and conducted by Harris Interactive finds that 31 percent of employees are not satisfied at their current jobs. In fact, a whopping 74 percent of workers — satisfied or not — would consider leaving if approached with another offer.

“During the recession, the fear of not knowing what would happen next made people cling to the jobs they had,” says business coach Libby Gill, author of You Unstuck. “Now, there are signs that we’re slowly coming out of it, and people are starting to look up and think, is it time for me to move on?”

According to the Plateau survey, the top five reasons employees consider leaving are salary (57 percent), needing a change (31 percent), career and advancement opportunities (29 percent), change of profession (22 percent) and concerns for the employer’s future (18 percent).

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