Wireless HDMI? I’m in!

I’m sad that Vizio is still a private company. I’d buy stock as if it was the only thing available to purchase, otherwise.

Vizio phones? This summer. Vizio wireless HDMI hubs? Ooohhh check it out! The Vizio XWH200 will send up to 4 HDMI inputs by radio frequency to your TV. Goodbye wires! Maybe that TV should be the new 21:9 Cinemawide – that’s some serious screen real estate! The Via tablet runs Android, has two 5MP cameras and has an add-on adapter that’s an HDTV receiver. The Via phone also runs Android on a 1 Ghz processor, and is due out in summer. Finally, don’t miss the Vizio Sound Bar, which will the fill in the bass on your home theater system and sync with wireless headphones.

You will also notice that the people presenting this video really have no clue what’s going on, haha!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

3 thoughts on “Wireless HDMI? I’m in!”

  1. Yes but I don’t read from your website for reasons we have discussed before. I read about it from the CES notes back in January as well.

  2. What I want is the Vizio Android tablet. It will include infrared so you can control your TV, blue-ray, cable, etc. as well as all of the other functions of a tablet.