Feel free to spread around my hacked e-mail address!

I had e-mails from an old TiVo account, my current Chase bank account, and an old Robert Half account stating my e-mail addresses were floating out there, thanks to Epsilon’s crappy e-mail database security. Or rather, something along those lines.

Epsilon announced Friday that its system had been breached and customers’ email addresses and names were exposed. No other personal or financial information, according to press releases from the banks. Customer information was also breached at several retail outlets.

The banks and Epsilon are currently investigating the incident, according to statements, and customers are being warned that their email is subject to spam and phishing attacks. “Customers are reminded to ignore emails asking for confidential account or log-in information and remember that familiar looking links in an email can redirect to a fraudulent site,” according to Capital One statement issued Monday. “If you get an e-mail that claims to be from us but you aren’t sure, or you think it’s suspicious, don’t click any of the links.”

The banks pointed out, however, that the only information at risk was customer email addresses and no account information was compromised. “We are advised by Epsilon that the files that were accessed did not include any customer financial information, but are actively investigating to confirm this. As always, we are advising our customers of everything we know as we know it,” a JPMorgan Chase statement said.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)