If you make them play 18 games, they’ll set the building on fire…

So once again we have the NFL and its Player’s Association wasting time with the Collective Bargaining Agreement – basically, we get paid too much money for 10 years of our life, and we want more. Sure. Okay.  Whatever floats your boat, and feel free to raise ticket prices as well, to ensure we all stay home and watch the game in a better at-home atmosphere where we can actually see the game.

One of the main topics is the move from a 16-game schedule (across 17 weeks, teams are given one by-week) to an 18-game schedule. Now, here are my points to mention as to why we should switch it up:

  • Pre-season lasts 4 weeks and takes place immediately before the regular season. Most fans do not care about this month of football, since it means nothing over the course of the season, and in weeks 3-4 the main players don’t even dress up for the game, much less play in it. It’s like we’re watching practice football, and we are supposed to be excited about it. In the 18-game schedule, two weeks from the pre-season will be removed, so that there are only two weeks of “practice” games, and you get to see your favorite players in action before then. Same amount of football, but there’s 2 more games that people pay attention to, now.
  • A secondary by-week would be implemented, thus making the NFL season one week longer. Eighteen games means two bye weeks, as opposed to sixteen games and one by week. This is a better ratio! If you’re going to talk about “ooohh, Austin Collie had three concussions last year, we can’t do this!” then stop crying, because you now have an extra week to heal up. Besides, three concussions? Should he even be playing football at that rate? Hello, Steve Young.
  • This isn’t baseball or basketball where you play multiple times a week. You play once, typically on Sunday, a week for less than 5 months (unless you make the playoffs). That’s not even half a year! Stop crying because your salary per game would decrease. Take a look at Albert Haynesworth, who was paid over a million dollars PER TACKLE last year. Not even per sack. Tell me you’re not overpaid, and we’ll discuss.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)