Humpilates is here!

Watch this Jimmy Kimmel “Hottie Body Hump Club” exercise ball video, with a ton of guest appearances. I couldn’t stop laughing. The best workout video since the Shake Weight commercials!

Working out their Hump routine are┬áScarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Emily Blunt, Sofia Vergara, and Lindsay Lohan. My favorite part is the very end, where it’s Jimmy and LiLo, with the following line:

Jimmy: “…so affordable it’s practically a steal”

Lindsay: “Allegedly.”

View the video below, have fun!


Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, a step down from her previous music videos

My first impression of Lady Gaga’s new video for “Born This Way” was that I had just lost seven and a half minutes of my life that I’ll never have back, on a Madonna remake song. Miss┬áStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has certainly made better videos in her past, and after two weeks of hearing this song, I’m sooo sick of it. Only one other Gaga song has made me sick after hearing it so often, which was “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” as it just became nothing but redundant.

View the video, it’s odd and she takes a lot of creativity over the past few decades from other writers, such as Return to Oz with the head-thing. ;)