iPhone Nano? It’s time to get mini!

So, how do you feel about a contract-free, whatever carrier you want, iPhone? Well it’s coming soon!

Our favorite Cupertino, CA company has been working on the iPhone Nano — a small version of the iPhone, with swappable SIM cards for different carriers. No more jailbreaking. No more expensive swap of internal parts. No more switching to a new carrier and having to buy a new phone.

The phone will have the chip of the iPhone 4 so as to save money, when the iPhone 5 is released this summer. The idea is to compete with Android phones, although I feel that it’s not necessary, as the iPhone 5 in a few months will rule the school.

A person who viewed an early version of the new iPhone stated that it’s lighter than the current version and has an edge-to-edge touch screen and virtual keyboard. Apple also may redo its MobileMe online storage service, which lets customers store data so calendars and contacts are available to multiple computers and other devices. The service now has a $99 annual fee, but could be made a free service that also would store photos, music and videos.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)