Several new iPhone 5 designs – slide out keyboard?

Along with the new iPhone Nano that will supposedly be coming out this summer, Apple is reinventing the wheel, yet again, with different options for iPhone 5 models to come out this summer. A slide-out keyboard is among those ideas.

Now with someone with fatass sausage fingers like myself, who find typing on the iPhone’s touch screen to be as easy as coloring inside the lines of a second-grade coloring book while on a roller coaster, this presents a bit of intrigue. Hopefully it wouldn’t be made too cheaply. However Apple has declared that it will never present a full QWERTY keyboard to their iPhones, yet they’ve gone back on their word before.

The physical keyboard also won’t add any thickness to the phone, since the iPhone 5 is planned to be much slimmer already, closer to that is a current-day iPod Touch. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m skeptical!

The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is trying to ignore it

So it’s that silly time of year when we believe we should be “extra nice” to our significant other. Or if we are lacking a partner, we’re sure to feel extra bad about it, thanks to Hallmark and two-and-a-half isles of pink crap on the store shelves, ranging from heart-shaped candy, plastic flowers, and teddy bears that will eventually become a favorite toy of Rover.

I’ve been Valentine-less for the past 4 or 5 years, so I’m rather used to this routine by now. Just make it some ordinary day and try to not notice how cheery and giddy and crap some people can be, or how much people try to NOT be into the holiday, so much that it’s obvious they’re hurt by it all. The whole thing makes me laugh inside, like a 9-year-old, receiving valentines from his entire home room class at school.

I was lucky enough this year to have an internet valentine as a joke this morning, it’s been something to at least laugh about together. So thanks, mysterious person that we told the public about!  =)

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy your long waits at the restaurant tonight, and the fact your movie will likely be sold out before you get there. Bwahahaha!

iPhone Nano? It’s time to get mini!

So, how do you feel about a contract-free, whatever carrier you want, iPhone? Well it’s coming soon!

Our favorite Cupertino, CA company has been working on the iPhone Nano — a small version of the iPhone, with swappable SIM cards for different carriers. No more jailbreaking. No more expensive swap of internal parts. No more switching to a new carrier and having to buy a new phone.

The phone will have the chip of the iPhone 4 so as to save money, when the iPhone 5 is released this summer. The idea is to compete with Android phones, although I feel that it’s not necessary, as the iPhone 5 in a few months will rule the school.

A person who viewed an early version of the new iPhone stated that it’s lighter than the current version and has an edge-to-edge touch screen and virtual keyboard. Apple also may redo its MobileMe online storage service, which lets customers store data so calendars and contacts are available to multiple computers and other devices. The service now has a $99 annual fee, but could be made a free service that also would store photos, music and videos.