Jenny the Elephant in Dallas picks the Packers to win!

The Steelers get stomped on and crushed!

Jenny, the most famous of the Dallas Zoo’s six elephants, was called on to pick the winner of Super Bowl XLV at the Giants of the Savanna exhibit. The 10,250-pound pachyderm was given the choice between two watermelons painted with logos for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

It didn’t take long for her to decide to smash the Steelers melon, showing that she picked the Pack. Last week, the Fort Worth Zoo’s coati Cody picked the Packers to win as well.

Many in Dallas don’t want to see Pittsburgh win another Super Bowl, so there you have it. Check the video!

iPhone ECG application, another advance in technology

Here’s something that may interest those of you that work in some sort of medical field. I toyed with some Bio Feedback stuff last semester in my psychology course, but the primary function of this little device is wireless EKG transmitting. I’m trying to see if this tool could be worked as a modality and registered into my company’s system, so that we can see the EKG data within our software (I work at a medical imaging company, for those of you who are not already familiar).

View the video below! This is an amazing idea and is only the first step in a much more portable application.

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