Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy expecting with Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is 14 weeks pregnant, expecting a baby with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy, the frontman of the band Muse (my favorite band!). This is a second child for the actress, 31, and the first for Bellamy, 32. Ryder, the actress’ son with ex-husband Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, is 7. reports a source telling that Hudson is 14 weeks along, adding, “It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it.” The insider also says that although the pregnancy wasn’t expected, the actress is excited that her son will have a sibling.

Verizon iPhone celebrated by The Daily Show

With Verizon taking the iPhone 4 (still on 3G network) next month, I have my predictions. And that is to say, reception will be no better than it is with AT&T. Apple really is to blame for many of the shoddy reception issues, blatantly dropped calls, etc. Not AT&T.

However, The Daily Show had a long piece regarding the inception of the iPhone into Verizon’s lineup of phones, and here is the video with Jon Stewart!

I love how they even threw Stephen Colbert in there.

iPhone mobile WiFi-hotspot with iOS 4.3

BGR posted this morning that the new Apple iOS update to 4.3 will include the ability to turn the iPhone into a mobile hotspot, notably important for Laptop, iPad, etc owners without non-WiFi options available. You could always do this once jailbreaking your phone, but now it’ll be allowed the correct way.

Verizon iPhones will be shipped with this update already in place, and AT&T users will see the feature enabled some time in the future.