The new Vizio phones and tablets, they shoot laser beams!

For reals. Like, for reals for reals. Vizio, the “brand of TV that I wanted to buy but didn’t because they don’t make DVD players” is branching out. They have 30-something 3D television models being made (PS, remind myself to buy stock) as well as iPhone competition in the form of smartphones and tablets.

In a press release, the company outlines its VIA Phone and VIA Tabletdevices that are set to debut this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Vizio’s VIA Phone will be a 1GHz device with a 4-inch “high-resolution” capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth, micro-SD card slot, front-facing video camera, three external speakers, and an HDMI-out port. The VIA Tablet will also feature a 1GHz processor and will be paired with an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth, micro-SD card slot, front-facing video camera, three external speakers, and an HDMI-out port. Both the tablet and smartphone will have “a built-in IR blaster with universal remote control app for quick access to the entire home theater or nearly any other CE device in the home.” No longer will I drool over a $200 Logitech Harmony remote control! You know, assuming I ditch my iPhone.

I am unsure which carrier Vizio is going to, and since I’m on an AT&T family plan that is saving me $40-50 a month, I’ll only be further interested if they don’t sell their souls to Verizon.

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Good luck with your future, Andrew!

If you know me personally, you know that I am not a fan of college football. My dad took me to Stanford games as a kid, against Notre Dame (who always won) and UCLA (who always lost). I wasn’t really big on football at the time, and since red is far from my favorite color, I always cheered on for the other team. Typical me, right?

Last night was, I believe, the first college football game I have ever watched from beginning to end on television. Why? Well the futures of Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh, starting QB and head coach of the Stanford Cardinals, may be influenced by my NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers.

We’re a coin-flip away from seeing the Stanford coach heading to the 49ers, with a slight possibility of moving up draft picks to capture a new franchise starting quarterback as well. After the blowout (40-12) against Virginia Tech last night in the Discover Orange Bowl, I’m really excited.

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Harbaugh’s future? It’s brighter than ever.

With the ass-whooping that Stanford handed to Virginia Tech last night, coach Jim Harbaugh is the most wanted football man in the country – well, besides his quarterback Andrew Luck.

In my opinion, Jim Harbaugh has 4 options. Options 1 and 2, after last night’s win, are a coin-flip / quarterback decision difference.

  1. Jim Harbaugh will stay at Stanford for another year, with his quarterback, and compete for the national title in college football next year. He’s a god amongst men in Palo Alto, so why not? Sure, maybe he has outgrown the team, but certainly not outgrown the chance for a title.
  2. Jim decides to go to the NFL, and right next door in good ‘ole San Francisco is where he stays, with the 49ers who are in need of a head coach after axing Mike Singletary. He gets paid a crap load of money, and follows in the footsteps of Bill Walsh, once Stanford coach-turned-49er coach who built a memorable dynasty for the team. Here Jim Harbaugh tries to make the 49ers move up their 1st round draft pick from #7 to #1, and draft Andrew Luck. With Harbaugh + Luck in San Francisco, the 49ers could see Super Bowl highlights for the next 10 years, or more. What will the 49ers need to do to grab the first overall pick for 2011? Well for starters, obviously, they cough up their #7 pick to the Carolina Panthers. They also trade next year’s 1st round pick (which may be substantially worse than #7 overall if the team does better with this possible combination of new player/coaching staff). To make it seem tempting, they throw some other draft picks to Carolina, such as a 2nd round pick this or next year. Unless Carolina needs players and not picks, maybe we can give them Nate Clements? Hahahaha!!
  3. Jim Harbaugh takes his dream job coaching at Michigan, where he was as a player. He’s still popular, but he needs to rebuild a college team again, and his opportunity for being an NFL coach closes for the next 4-5 years. Two weeks ago, or even two days ago, this seemed like the likely decision, but now not so much. If he wants to stay in college, it’s more likely that he will play for the title next year at Stanford.
  4. He goes the way of the NFL, and moves to Denver to play for John Elway. He has Tim Tebow as a quarterback, and he’ll attempt to build that team up.

Given the possibilities, this is what I see as the Stanford head coach’s future, at this point. It seems as if Andrew Luck will only go to the NFL if Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford (by way of the NFL or by going to Michigan), or he could stay if Harbaugh also stays.