Metrodome roof collapsing – was Brett Favre behind this?

Did Brett Favre cause the snowstorm in Minnesota? Was he responsible for the Metrodome roof collapsing? Was he the one that routed the airplane transporting the New York Giants football team to head to Kansas City instead of Minneapolis?

All of these are conspiracies that assist in explaining why Brett Favre needed another day of rest for his injured throwing shoulder. Is there anything that Brett Favre won’t do to keep his consecutive starts streak alive? How else do you explain a major snowstorm that swept through Minneapolis, crippling the Twin Cities on Saturday and forcing the postponement and relocation of the Vikings-Giants game to Monday night in Detroit?

How do you explain that this 30-hour delay occurs on a week where it looked like Favre’s streak was kaput because of an injury to his throwing shoulder? An injury so severe that most quarterbacks would have ruled out even the remotest possibility that they were going to go through with it?

Favre must have some kind of wacky weather machine that can produce a winter storm system so strong that it can dump 17 inches of snow on Minneapolis, so much that it caved in the roof of the Metrodome, making it unfit for an NFL game. On Saturday, the Giants were diverted to Kansas City and stranded there overnight. At Newark Airport on Saturday afternoon there was a report that at least one runway was open at Lindbergh Field at the Minneapolis Airport. But it must not have been one that the Giants’ charter could use. Or did Favre make a call?

How far does this guy’s reach stretch?

View the video of the roof collapsing!

Author: Jason Zajdel

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