Manning Bowl II

Also coming this weekend, Eli leads the Giants against his big brother and the Colts, for only the second time — the first was in 2006.

The Manning clan, including father Archie, a former-Pro Bowl quarterback with the New Orleans Saints, poke fun at each other in a humorous commercial to promote a game expected to produce monstrous television ratings.

“I think you have to try and enjoy it and understand it is special to look over there and see your big brother on the sidelines,” Eli told reporters. “You have to enjoy these times and take advantage of it and remember it. “We really just don’t know how many times it’s going to happen. It’s rare and I’m trying to appreciate it.”

When the brothers met in the first Manning Bowl in 2006, Peyton, who is five years older, was already well on his way to a Hall of Fame career while Eli was just beginning his third season and still undergoing intense on the job training. Peyton and the Colts won that game 26-21 but four years later much has changed.

Since that night at Giants Stadium, both Eli and Peyton have gone on to lead their teams to Super Bowl titles and Super Bowl most valuable player awards. Both are former first-overall draft picks and have been to the Pro Bowl.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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