I need new checks, please help me decide!

I need new checks, help me out!

  • Mountain View (29%, 4 Votes)
  • Expeditions (29%, 4 Votes)
  • Paradise Waters (21%, 3 Votes)
  • Coastal Dreams (21%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 14

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The first set, Mountain View, is what I had previously. Maybe a change is in order? Help me decide! You can click the images for larger versions.

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New planet, new life?

So the smart people with telescopes have found another possibly-habitable planet – in the Gliese 581 system about 120 trillion miles away. I think I’ll pack my ‘Stang and start heading over. I should be there almost never. However with our “advanced” technology, it would only take a few generations to arrive… which of course means that none of us will ever get to see this new world in action. Our kids won’t, either.

So here’s the upside: it’s larger than Earth, with a small sun – so much smaller that the planet is only 14 million miles away from its sun, unlike our planet which is 93 million miles away. As such, the planet rotates around the run every 37 days, as opposed to us having our planet rotate every 365 days. That means Christmas comes a lot sooner, kids.

For every upside, there is also some downside: the planet does not seem to rotate much. Or at all. So the bright side of the planet remains around 160-degrees, while the dark side chills around 25 below zero. This being the case, most of the planet is rather uninhabitable. However that “in between” area, where it’s always sunny in Gliese 581g, the temperature is “just right”, like Goldilocks’ porridge.

Astronomers claim there to be a 100% chance of life sustaining on this planet, if there is not life already (in the form of algae, bacteria, mold, etc) existing. They also believe there to be liquid water on the planet.

The Battle of McVick!

This. Sunday. Donovan McNabb heads back to where he called home for his entire career – the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The best part? He rallied so hard to get Michael Vick on the team, who is now the starter of the team which Andy Reid decided would go in another direction, away from one of the best quarterbacks of the past decade.

These two have a lot of similarities. They are superb athletes with rare physical gifts for the position. They are getting another opportunity to lead a second franchise. And they have been quite inconsistent with aspects of their games.

Before we break down these two, a few observations: Vick has done fine work behind center in 2010. But he has done it against some of the worst secondaries (Detroit and Jacksonville) in the league and against a Green Bay team that did not prepare for his unique skill set. Not to mention that Green Bay’s pass defense could be its biggest weakness. Also, while both offensive lines have plenty of questions, clearly Vick has better weapons surrounding him than McNabb has in Washington. However, McNabb is returning to Philadelphia. He took the Eagles to five conference championship games, a Super Bowl appearance and had zero felonies.

Let the Battle of McVick begin!