One of my up-and-coming football players this year, Jermichael Finley (Twitter / Facebook) has a website, I found out. He’s also selling T-shirts with his slogan “Thank Goodness It’s Finley” on them.

He’s pretty awesome to watch fly across Twitter on a daily basis. I’ve been picking him up in every Fantasy Football league this year, because I know he’s going to be that awesome, and he’s a sleeper behind the likes of Dallas Clark, Vernon Davis, etc.

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The Expendables, or Action Clowns?

I am interesting in seeing this movie purely based on knowing how bad it will be, yet have some awesome kickass action movie stars in it. Anyone up for laughing at it with me soon?

In the rousingly explosive ’80s-pulp climax of The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone’s old-tin-soldiers-of-action mercenary thriller, the director-star and his right-hand lug, Jason Statham, lead a band of commandos in an assault on the island fortress of a corrupt general. The funny thing is, they don’t really have a plan. The ”plan” is this: They show up and attack the general’s men with fists, knives, and very big guns. The way that Stallone directs, though, every machete thrust and relentless round of bullet spray is staged with a certain undeniable conviction.

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Apple updates iPhones again, cutting off jailbreak

Apple has just released an update to iOS, labeled iOS 4.0.2. The update, amongst other things, plugs the PDF security hole used by the website

This of course, means that you jailbreakers, if you update and have yet to jailbreak your OS4 software, will need to wait until the hackers release a new version.