Bootlegging lemonade as a 7 year old?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When health inspectors cite you for it, get famous.

Julie Murphy, a 7-year-old Oregonian, set up a lemonade stand on July 29 at an art fair in northeast Portland. County health inspectors shut her down, however, telling Julie and her mother, Maria Fife, that they needed a temporary restaurant license, which costs $120. The penalty for selling food without a permit, they warned, was $500. At 50 cents a cup, that’s a lot of lemonade.

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jerry

Today two of the greatest football players of all time made it. The greatest receiver, and one of the greatest runningbacks (despite playing for the Cowboys, yech!)

That they are being enshrined in Canton was inevitable. That they are receiving the sport’s most prestigious individual honor together as part of the Class of 2010 is unprecedented. “Who would have thought that we would be going into the Hall together?” Rice said shortly after the list of this year’s inductees was revealed.

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