LiLo is out of prison, but not out of the woods

She spent less than 2 weeks of her 3-month sentence and it makes national headlines? My goodness.

After serving 13 days of a three-month sentence in a Los Angeles county jail, Lindsay Lohan was released at 1:35 this morning and driven straight to a rehab facility. According to the Los Angeles Times, sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Whitmore confirmed that the 24-year-old actress would go straight to a court-ordered treatment facility upon release, but he would not name the program.

“Lindsay is in a different place now than she was when she first came to Lynwood (Century Regional Detention Facility),” said a source close to the family. “She stands to learn a lot from rehab now. She wasn’t necessarily at that point when she first started her jail sentence.”

The source also said that what Lohan stands to gain the most from rehab is a reordering of her life. “She’s never been away from all the triggers and bad influences for long enough to make a difference,” said the source. “Her jail sentence plus the 90 days (in rehab) is going to give her the chance to reset all her routines and refocus. Make no mistake, she’s not happy about it, but the people close to her know its going to be good for her.”

People reports that Lohan will spend her 90-day rehab sentence at a facility run by UCLA Medical Center. She was originally slated to check into a different facility, but the judge in the case changed the location after fearing information could be leaked about Lohan’s treatment.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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