Terrell Ochouno?

Wait. What? The Bengals earlier this year stated there was no chance Terrell Owens would be headed to Cincinnati. And now? I just don’t know who to believe.

His career is washed up though, for sure. Both his NFL career and his “acting” career before it’s even really started. Either way, sources are stating that T.O. is “very close” to signing a contract with the AFC North division winners of last year.

Lindsay Lohan gets more jail time, but this time by Hustler?

If she sued over the E*Trade commercial where a baby named “Lindsay” was portrayed as a “milk-a-holic”, I surely anticipate she will sue over this one. Except she will likely win. Silly Hustler, not getting approval..

It was only a matter of time and Hustler beat everyone to the punch with “Lindsay Goes to Jail”, a Lohan-themed adult film starring LiLo look-alike Scarlett Fay.

It reporteldy features Lindsay sexily flirting with a male judge, getting freaky in prison, and finally befriending a hot female corrections officer.

I wonder how much Lindsay will get paid through the courts from Hustler for this one.