Facebook lands 500 million users, here are some fun facts!

With Facebook hitting the 500-million user milestone, here are some facts regarding its popularity.

I just wish the CEO, with all his money, could learn to speak into a camera as opposed to reading off of cue cards. His speech isn’t all that difficult (see video below).

  • Half a billion people around the world are now using Facebook on a monthly basis. That means Facebook has a slightly smaller population than the continent of North America. The social network also has enough users to put 75 people on every one of the over 6.6 million square miles of Russia, the largest country in the world by landmass.
  • If Facebook were its own country, it would be the third most populous nation in the world behind China and India–both countries have populations north of one billion people. But with well over 60 official languages, and a few fun dialects like Pirate English, few countries can beat out Facebook when it comes to multinational identity. Arrrr.
  • There are well over one billion computers in use in the world today, which is twice the number of Facebook users. In 2008, research firm Gartner predicted there would be two billion active computers in the world by 2010. Assuming that both will still be going strong in three years, who will get to two billion first, the PC or Facebook? With over150 million mobile users, and more people jumping on the Facebook bandwagon every day. I’d say Facebook is the safer bet.
  • The largest number of Facebook users live in North America with 35.4 percent of the continent actively logging on to Facebook every month, according toO’Reilly Radar. About 17 percent of Europeans are Facebookers, 2.3 percent of people living in Asia use Facebook. But nobody does Facebook like the people living in Oceania (also known as Australia and surrounding island nations). The region makes up just 2.3 percent of Facebook’s user base, but 40.3 percent of Oceania’s population like Facebook
  • AOL may have helped connect people online in the early days of the Internet, but even during its heyday AOL was one-fifteenth the size that Facebook is today. Amazingly, Facebook put AOL to shame without any free CD giveaways.
  • Facebook’s estimated value ranges somewhere between $22 and $25 billion, based on the current trading price of private Facebook stock. Since Facebook derives virtually all its value from collecting massive amounts of data from its 500 million users, each of Facebook’s 500 million users contributes about $50 or 500 Facebook credits to the company’s value.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)