Time to face the music, finally

Goodbye LiLo – I will miss you for a few weeks/months when you go to jail tomorrow. Enjoy the food, the bed, and the non-daily showers!

Lindsay Lohan is due to begin her jail sentence tomorrow at the 16-year-old Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, just south of downtown Los Angeles. But it’s not an unfamiliar place to the actress. She served 84 minutes at the Lynwood facility in 2007 for a drunken driving offense. She was searched, fingerprinted and placed in a holding cell but allowed to keep wearing her street clothes.

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Netflix comes to Canada, but not completely

I suppose this is a reminder to resubscribe to Netflix, eh? I sort of let the account lapse when the card my subscription was attached to expired back at the end of April.

Netflix has announced that it will introduce a streaming-only service for Canadian residents to watch unlimited movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. According to a company press release, the Canadian operation, which is set to launch in the fall, will be the first of several international Websites that Netflix intends to launch in the coming months. While the cost of the service and its launch date have not yet been revealed, interested users are encouraged to sign up for e-mail notifications when more information becomes available.

Unlike its American counterpart, the Canadian Netflix service will not offer customers the opportunity to rent physical media. Although the company has not provided an explanation on why this is the case, it is likely for two reasons. First, not having a physical presence in Canada will limit operating expenses and make it easier to extend the service to other foreign markets.