Xbox beats out the competition, Wii and PS3 fall behind

The new Xbox 360 “slim” is super sweet looking, comes with a 250GB hard drive (more than any console currently), built-in WiFi, and is slimmer and sleeker than even the Playstation 3. This is likely a reason as to why Microsoft’s Xbox beat out every other at-home console last month.

Helped by new model sales, the Xbox 360 topped the Wii for the first time in months, pulling ahead of Nintendo’s console by roughly 30,000 units, and Sony’s PS3 by a comfortable 147,000-unit spread.

June 2010 video game hardware sales, with growth compared to June 2009:

  • 452,000 — Xbox 360 (+88 percent)
  • 423,000 — Wii (+17 percent)
  • 305,000 — PlayStation 3 (+85 percent)

I almost hope my current Xbox 360 red-rings on me so that I have an excuse to purchase this new version.