Karate Kid chops A-Team at the box office

Hah, I knew it! Mr T / A-Team had some pretty poor pre-reviews, whereas you can never go wrong with Jackie Chan!

Eleven-year-old Jaden Smith, with an assist from Jackie Chan, overpowered a reconstituted A-Team at the North American boxoffice on Friday as Sony’s “The Karate Kid” took a commanding lead with an estimated $18.8 million. Playing in 3,633 locations, Harald Zwart’s PG-13-rated movie easily topped the charts in the battle of the ’80s remakes.

Fox’s “The A-Team,” Joe Carnahan’s PG-13-rated version of the action-packed TV show with a cast headed by Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel, checked in in second place with $9.7 million from 2,730 theaters.

As the boxoffice showed new signs of life, Paramount’s release of DreamWorks Animation’s “Shrek Forever After,” which had ruled the roost for the past three weekends, downshifted to third place with about $4.5 million as it closed in on the $200 million domestic mark. Universal’s comedy “Get Him to the Greek,” beginning its second weekend, was fourth with $3.3 million. Lionsgate’s action rom-com “The Killers” rounded out the top five with a Friday take of $2.7 million.

If at first you don’t succeed, it’s probably because you almost died

I wouldn’t let a 16-year-old drive around the world, much less sail a small boat around it. Her parents received massive amounts of criticism about letting their daughter sail solo around the globe, and for good reason!

American teenager Abby Sunderland vowed Saturday that she would attempt to sail solo round the world again, after her first try at the record was thwarted when she became stranded for two nights in rough Indian Ocean seas. Sunderland was plucked from her damaged yacht by a French fishing vessel on Saturday, 2000 nautical miles from the western coast of Australia. Her 40-foot sailboat Wild Eyes remains adrift.

The 16-year-old sailor was waiting to be evacuated since Friday, when Australian rescuers spotted her from the air and made radio contact. “It’s been a little bit crazy these past few days. Everything’s happened pretty fast but I was really lucky that there was a boat that could come and get me where I was,” Sunderland said, according to Australian broadcaster ABC. “When stuff is going on out there you can’t really get too scared about it — I mean it doesn’t really do any good.” When asked if she would sail again, she said: “I’m definitely going to sail around the world again, or at least give it another try. I don’t know when I’ll get another chance to do it. I’ve wanted to sail around the world for years and I definitely want to do it.”

From the U.S., Sunderland’s parents responded to a wave of criticism for letting her attempt her treacherous solo round-the-world journey — saying the family were “adventurers, not accountants.” Sunderland left Los Angeles on Jan. 23 in the hope of becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, attempting to better Australian Jessica Watson. But she came to grief when her mast snapped and yacht rolled in atrocious weather conditions on Thursday.