iPhone 4 more prone to breaking

Oops, you just dropped your shiny new phone? Well you have a serious need to worry now.

The iPhone 4 was dropped three times, from a distance of 3.5 feet, onto an unspecified surface — on the third flight, the phone’s glass cracked. Now, when you drop a 3.5″ piece of glass strapped to 4.5 ounces of weight from 3.5 feet…breakage certainly can’t be ruled out. iFix explains that the new display will suffer from more screen breaks and that the new design, with flush glass, will “come back to bite” Apple in the future. Time will tell.

Blackhawks down Flyers in overtime

Patrick Kane, the 21-year-old winger, scored 4 minutes 6 seconds into overtime Wednesday, lifting the Chicago Blackhawks over the Philadelphia Flyers, 4-3, and giving Chicago its first Cup since 1961.

The Blackhawks had come up empty in five finals since their last Cup victory until Kane scored his third goal of the series. It came suddenly on a shot from the bottom of the right circle that whizzed under the stick and pads of Flyers goalie Michael Leighton.

Many in the crowd at the Wachovia Center did not know that a goal had been scored until they saw Kane and his teammates throw their sticks in the air in celebration. No red light went on, and both teams had to wait several moments until the officials confirmed the goal after reviewing the replay and searching for the puck in the padding at the back of the net. But Kane did not need a review.

“I shot, I saw it go right through the legs, sticking right under the pad in the net,” he said. “I don’t think anyone saw it in the net. I booked it to the other end. I knew it was in. I tried to sell the celebration a bit.” He added: “I think some guys were still kind of a little iffy to see if the puck was in the net. I saw the coaches there pointing at the puck and jumping around. It’s pretty surreal right now for sure.”