All I could hear was the sound of people leaving the stadium

The beginning of the game last night was painful to watch; but the Laker magic soon took over, dominated the game, and never lost the lead after that. Sure, the Celtics had a good run later on, but still never caught up. While Kobe had a poor shooting percentage performance and still managing 29-points, the 4th quarter Derek Fisher is what closed the game.

The challenge of being dismissed as a T-Rex in the 2010 NBA Finals is what triggered Fisher in the fourth quarter of Game 3, when he shifted the series in the Lakers’ favor, dropping shots from distance, taking it coast to coast on a big layup. Eleven points came in the fourth from a player who’d scored only 15 combined the first two games, who was tied in knots by Rajon Rondo and Ray “eight 3-pointers” Allen. It was Fisher doing what Fisher does this time of year, turning back his younger opponent, if not the clock, when the Lakers need it most.

He’s been criticized quite a bit for his age, which is a huge thrill for him and for all of us when he comes through in these moments,” said Kobe Bryant.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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