Mr. T not happy with A-Team remake

Looks like I’ll be skipping yet another movie!

Although Mr. T rejected a cameo in the upcoming A-Team movie, he wasn’t against the film as a whole – until he saw it! The original BA Baracus was shocked to see how graphic the remake turned out.

“People die in the film and there’s plenty of sex but when we did it, no one got hurt and it was all played for fun and family entertainment. These seem to be elements nobody is interested in anymore.

It was too graphic for me. I’ve no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it’s nothing like the show we turned out every week.”

Miley Spears?

While Lady Gaga turns into the artsy Madonna / Christina Aguilera, little Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, is turning into a trashy Britney Spears. This photo taken from TMZ shows a dancer getting very touchy-feely with 17-year-old Miley during a concert in Madrid this weekend.

All this after the “I didn’t really kiss a girl” excuse, she is definitely out for attention, and sadly we’re giving it to her. Perez Hilton made a video today stating something similar; we’re only fanning the flames, folks.