First lesbian bishop is appointed

This Saturday marked a significant step for homosexuals and the church. For the first time EVER, a lesbian had been ordained as a bishop in Los Angeles!

The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool of Baltimore was ordained and consecrated before 3,000 people in the Long Beach area this weekend, making her the second openly gay biship in church history as well as one of the first two female bishops of the Episcopal Church.

Just before the ceremony began, a man stood, shouted about the need to repent and held up a sign that read “Do not be deceived, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.” After he was escorted out, a young boy in the same section rose holding a Bible and shouted similar slogans. Security guards also led him out.

She did not speak Saturday, but told a gathering of media Friday that the church’s willingness to ordain women and gays shows a commitment that goes beyond mere inclusive language. “We are being the church we say we are,” Glasspool said. “We’re not just saying it, we’re doing it and there’s something very powerful about that.”

Verizon Wireless Tablets

Verizon Wireless is planning to offer a slew of devices, including tablet computers and three to five phones, that could run on its new LTE high-speed wireless network by May 2011, Chief Executive Lowell McAdam said Friday.

These devices should help Verizon Wireless hit the ground running with fourth-generation wireless services to compete with smaller rival Sprint Nextel, which already plans to launch its first 4G phone on June 4.

When in Cannes…

Lindsay Lohan jail outfit…do as you do in every city you have ever been in.

Tell me, is this outfit a good look for her? I wonder if it will be as cute come Thursday when the judge gives her jail time.

Lindsay Lohan was up to her off balance tricks last night in Cannes — stumbling and falling down to the ground on her way out of a party.