AT&T to double their speed

new-att-logo2iPhone users rejoice… ?

We’ve known for quite some time that AT&T was planning to step up its 3G network in a big way over the coming months, but we didn’t exactly think it would be as big of an improvement as Engadget and Gizmodo are reporting. Apparently AT&T’s Operations CEO John Stankey was at a Reuters event in New York City and mentioned AT&T is going to more than double the speeds of its current 7.2Mbps 3G network by the time we’re all chucking out our 2010 calendars.

AT&T’s made great strides in fixing its network in the past few months, and while we don’t expect it to be anything like T-Mobile’s 21Mbps network, customers would be pretty happy if it meant that all of the 250 million people Stankey had could access a networkwith theoretical speeds hovering around 14.4Mbps.

Oh LiLo, you disappoint me

Just when I thought Lindsay Lohan was starting to turn her life around, here she goes, trying to have herself put into jail.

Instead of attending her alcohol education classes, Lindsay Lohan is going to Cannes. She needs to complete four more classes within the next few days, or the judge will add a warrant for her arrest. I’m hoping she just stays in France at this point.

She is claiming that the reason she is attending the film festival is to promote her film about Linda Lovelace. Instead of finishing off her thirteen required court-ordered classes, she’s partying, traveling, etc. No responsibility. I’m ashamed..