Watch out Cougars, that boytoy may shorten your lifespan

Pity the poor cougar. In a short amount of time, cougars–older women who couple up with younger men–have gone from being celebrated to being castigated. TV shows like Cougar Town, movies like Sex and the City, and glamorous younger-man-dating celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna have made “cougarism” an aspirational lifestyle. Now for the backlash.

Yesterday, a German research company, Max Planck Institute, published a study saying that women who marry men either older or younger than themselves die earlier than those who marry men their own age (within one to two years). Yet the press has almost uniformly spun the study as a cautionary tale to cougars, blaring headlines like “Sorry Cougars: Boy Toys Hazardous to Your Health” (New York Post); “Cougars Die Young” (Fox News); and the straightforward “Women Who Marry Younger Men Die Earlier” (UPI). These warnings–as joy-killing as the ones on cigarette boxes–are usually accompanied by a picture of Demi Moore and her 15-years-younger hubby Ashton Kutcher.

While men who marry a woman seven to nine years younger see their mortality risk drop by 11%, women who marry a man seven to nine years younger increase their mortality risk by 20%, according to the study of nearly two million Danish couples conducted by researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and published in the journal Demography.

Due to the US Dollar’s declining value, “Ke$ha” will be now known as “Ke¢ha”

I love the way Perez Hilton makes fun of her, the fugly makeup, and her first two singles being nothing but a repetitive annoyance. At least her latest single “Your Love Is My Drug” has a great set of lyrics behind it.

However, she’s out trying to make a better name for herself. “I’m thrilled to announce that I will be playing a show to help benefit Nashville, my hometown. 100% of the profits from ticket sales will go to help the victims of these devastating floods. Nashville helped shape me as an artist and as a person and my love for this city is beyond words. I will continue to do anything I can to help rebuild this city and support the families and animals who have been affected by this tragedy.

Way to go, Kesha. You may yet be salvaged!

Thank goodness, because I’m tired of streaming the games online

First game of Sharks vs. Blackhawks series will air on NBC

The San Jose Sharks announced today that Game One of the Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks will take place on Sunday, May 16 at Noon (Pacific) at HP Pavilion.The game will be broadcast exclusively on NBC.

I was getting really tired of using my pixelated sport-streaming websites to find the game on, since my Dish doesn’t have Comcast Sports Network (obviously =p)