Yet another iPhone 4G has been found, check here for video

I sort of wish Apple would stop leaving their trash around, but then we wouldn’t have all these cool updates provided by techy website companies giving Apple free advertisement for their new phone launch next month. Another iPhone 4G has been found, and this time in Vietnam.

If you don’t understand the language, it won’t hurt you to mute the video below. Basically he models the outside of the phone, giving display of the blocky/edgy feel of the phone as opposed to the smooth curved iPhone we have become used to. The volume buttons are obviously different, and that a memory card in the side? I disbelieve that. Unless it’s the SIM card, so easily accessible.

We see the signs of the dual-camera, the first phone to ever sport two different cameras, but most everything else is the same. Supposedly the device is a little thicker, 3 grams heavier, but sports a battery lasting 16% longer than its predecessors.

This time, it is from the country of Vietnam and they have gone all out. Not only is the unit a little bit different physically from the one Gizmodo had (there are no screws at the botton of the device), but the gentleman who has the phone has torn it apart and revealed the custom Apple A4 processor. There is no working OS loaded (besides a test one called Bonfire) and the unit appears to be a 16GB mode, though it is pre-production obviously. Word on the street is that this unit was purchased for $4,000. Couple additional shots in the gallery and video after the break!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)