AT&T’s iPad deal to delay Verizon iPhone

Another week, another analyst weighing in on the iPhone’s future.

Sources predict that because of a deal AT&T cut with Apple for the iPad 3G, the U.S. telecommunications giant will continue to have carrier exclusivity for the iPhone until at least 2011. His reasoning goes like this: Apple hasn’t been happy with AT&T’s network performance for the iPhone. AT&T wanted to remain the exclusive U.S. carrier for the Apple phone, keeping it out of rival Verizon Wireless’ hands. So it offered a generous and recurring monthly data program for the iPad.

One thing, though: another firm, Global Wireless Solutions, released a study this week comparing all the major wireless providers in New York City. It found that both Verizon and AT&T were about 99% reliable, with throughput up to 20 times what they offered five years ago. Assuming that GWS’ data is accurate, and that AT&T did actually make the iPad deal to keep the iPhone away from Verizon a little bit longer, maybe that deal doesn’t matter–at least for iPhone owners in New York.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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